Pro Tools Dialog Editing and Mixing


I find dialogue editing fascinating, challenging and rewarding. Every location introduces different background ambience, vocal timbre, and electronics noise, and my job is to ensure high intelligibility and invisible, seamless transitions between shots. Whether searching the edited picture for “spare” usable materials or hiding lip-smacks, heart beats or dolly squeaks, I strive to massage your location sound into articulate, punchy and emotionally appropriate dialogue that finds its home within the screen.


Whoosh! Boom! Thud! Swish! … Baa? There are a lot of sounds you’re going to need in your project that likely weren’t recorded on location! I have a library of licensed and recorded sound that’s over 350 gigabytes in size. Each of those sounds is just itching to help tell your story.

Pro Tools Sound Design


Once all the audio elements are assembled and edited, they need to learn how to play together. Re-recording involves massaging the dialogue, ambience, effects, foley and music into one cohesive unit which supports the director’s thematic and emotional vision. Dynamics, timbre and emotion must translate through a multitude of mediums anywhere from the theatre to earbuds.

If dialogue is king, then the queen is loudness compliance. I can deliver projects with a variety of deliverables to any requested specification in the stereo realm.